Female online dating profile example

Also, specifics are key, so if you're going to add "music" to your likes, be sure to mention one or two of your favorite bands.Even if his tastes are different, you'll come off as passionate, which is a major turn-on.

He adds that he will immediately swipe left at the sight of a “glamour shot” or “cheerleading picture”—i.e., a confusing group shot of you and all your girlfriends in Tulum.

De la Fuente recommends staying true to your personal style while avoiding pigeonholing yourself into one look.

“You know that guy who can rock a mun [man-bun] and lumberjack gear but probably doesn’t own a suit?

That’s the effect that you want to avoid.” She suggests keeping the majority of your outfits casual and throwing in one chic photo that alludes to the fact that you can pull it together if necessary, her own go-to being a daytime gazebo shot in Juan Carlos Obando separates at a wedding in Provence.

Step 5: Steer clear of the “glamour shots.”This bears repeating.

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